The Law Society of Kenya has called upon its members to participate in a countrywide peaceful protest in solidarity with the judiciary following President William Ruto's Tuesday remarks.

Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Eric Theuri, in a press address on Wednesday, said all advocates and legal practitioners will put on purple ribbons during the demos to signify their support for the Judiciary and the rule of law.

"We call upon all members to don purple ribbons throughout the coming week and join in the peaceful protests countrywide that will be organised by the society in support of the rule of law and in solidarity with the Judiciary," LSK president Eric Theuri said in a statement. 

The LSK boss, who was flanked by his deputy Faith Odhiambo, urged President Ruto to recant his statements as he is setting a bad precedent for the rule of law in country.

“We’re concerned as LSK that we begin the year with a dark cloud hovering around the justice system following remarks by the President. Those remarks are a threat to the rule of law...we want the President to retract or else they will send very bad signals,” he said.

“We remind the President that the same courts upheld his own election based on impartiality and at one time nullified another. The President should refrain from undermining the Judiciary.”

Mr. Theuri also challenged the Head of State to avail the evidence against the corrupt judicial officers to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) for action instead of making unsubstantiated claims.

Theuri also said that the same Judiciary Ruto is 'attacking' has both nullified a prior presidential election and, at another juncture, upheld his very own election.

"This underscores the sacrosanct role of a robust and independent judiciary in fostering national growth, stability, and economic prosperity," he said. 

He added that the President, as the custodian of the rule of law, should refrain from undermining the judiciary and instead utilise legal avenues at his disposal to challenge decisions that he finds aggrieving. 

"Public incitement against the judiciary is not only detrimental to our constitutional fabric but also compromises the sanctity of our legal system," he said.

“We call upon the President of Kenya to avail evidence of corruption to JSC. When a hyena wants to eat its children, it starts telling them that they smell like sheep,” added the LSK boss.

We shall have a countrywide peaceful demonstrations to stand with the independence of the Judiciary. We shall match peacefully and petition the Attorney General.”

He added: “If the President says he can’t obey court orders what happens to a mama mboga in court seeking justice.”

President Ruto, while speaking in Nyandarua on Tuesday, alleged that some rulings made by the Judiciary were slowing down the implementation of the Kenya Kwanza development agenda.

He said that whereas the government respects judicial independence, it will not allow a few individuals with vested interests to abuse courts and stall government projects.

This occurred after the court halted the implementation of the 1.5 per housing levy on salaried Kenyans, declaring it unconstitutional.